About Me

I've returned to my old dream of painting pictures with a twist.

After the vigorous artistic start and numerous exhibitions, I was working in the commercial field for a decade. Although as an executive manager of a firm I didn't have either time or energy for painting I never had a day without thinking of my colours, topics. I was painting in my thoughts, I was living among imaginary lines. Then, one day all of this world inside me started to effuse. The patterns have become alive, the virtual scenes, flowers, trees and moments have become real.

I admire nature. I am amazed by the variety of shapes and colours with which nature can gift us. I am trying to be inspired by this instinctive power by putting this perspective on the canvas- combining the bold, vivid, clear colours with the black and white contrast.

The geometry of nature

I’m trying to apply the possibilities which are hidden in the vivid games of bright and matt surfaces. I am seduced by the insertion of winding lines into a regular system; by the representation of the joining power of circles and bows. I usually observe the trees from the mathematician’s point-of-view, I observe the shape of the flowers, the linings of clouds, the rain, the snowflakes as flavouring the nature with a „pinch of geometry” is always considered to be a challenge.


I aim for harmony in all fields of life and this reflects in my work.

I’d like to give a few-minute-rest, a brisk aesthetic experience for those, who see my paintings.

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